Grease Monkey Lust: TitanMen Exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Nick Prescott Rev Up Auto Bodies

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Scene Title: Grease Monkey

Description: The sight of slick and shiny steel, the grip of a hard tool in your hand… what else drives you over the edge? Unleash your inner Grease Monkey as TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Nick Prescott lead some hot auto bodies in action. Mechanic Nick Capra gets tooled by muscular Eddy CeeTee, who swaps sucks with the hunk before fucking him deep—the two verbal alphas sweating out their aggression. Big and beefy Warrick Cade would rather work over Rogue Status than their motorcycle, plowing the bottom atop it as Rogue grabs hold of the handlebars for dear life. After opening wide to suck Nick Prescott, Mike DiMarko eats him in the back of a pickup truck—the two soon flip fucking in a ride that leaves both of them breathless.