Seductive TitanMen Encounter: Anthony London & Tom Wolfe’s Erotic Poolside Adventure

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Scene Title: On Tap: Scene 2: Anthony London & Tom Wolfe

Description: Handsome Anthony London gives his address to scruffy bartender Tom Wolfe. After his shift ends, Tom finds Anthony lounging by firelight in a backyard pool. With his smooth backside filling the night, Tom walks over. Anthony starts sucking—a long-shot capturing Tom’s stunning muscular body framed in darkness. Tom rubs his chest as he’s sucked, spit dripping down his shaft and forming a wad on his sac. His quads flexing, Tom delivers a slow face fuck—then sucks his bud back, his own boner popping out of the pool as he tugs Anthony’s foreskin with his lips. Anthony bends over and gets it doggie style—Tom’s arm muscles clenching as he supports himself on the ledge. Anthony sits down on the top’s cock before getting on his back, his hairy leg pressed against Tom’s hairy chest. Tom grabs Anthony’s pec as he plows, the bottom’s wet ass hair clinging to his shaft. The two shoot, Tom’s amazing muscles tightening as he releases.