Brad Kalvo and Stany Falcone in Steamy Titan Men Encounter

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Scene Title: Down and Dirty: Scene 2: Stany Falcone & Brad Kalvo

Description: As he inches down a ladder, beefy Brad Kalvo is met with a welcoming hand by Stany Falcone. “You like that, huh?” asks Brad, the two kissing and shedding their shirts to reveal their hairy muscle chests. Brad pins Stany against the ladder, licking his body and pit. He sucks the bearded beauty, whose bicep is bursting with a massive vein that pops off the screen. Stany’s uncut rod points to the ceiling, his balls tightening to his body as he gets slurped. He grabs Brad’s head and fucks his face, then returns the favor by burying his lips to Brad’s bushy crotch. Brad turns his bud around, eating him against the ladder while stroking his cock underneath. Brad works his tongue in deep, burying his scruffy chin inside. He then fucks him before turning the bottom over, a great aerial shot capturing his steel shaft going deep in Stany’s tight hole. The bottom squirts as he gets fucked, then rubs Brad’s nipple as another load gets dumped on his stomach.