Hot Shower Seduction: Dario Beck & Colby White in Steamy TitanMen Encounter!

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Scene Title: Extra Firm: Scene 1: Dario Beck & Colby White

Description: After his morning shower, Dario Beck heads back to bed to wake up lover Colby White with a kiss. Dario rubs Colby’s clipped chest, then rubs the boner building under the sheets—Colby’s briefs already stained with precum. Dario releases Colby’s cock, the two sharing a slow, sensual kiss as Dario teases it. He then engulfs it, a wad of spit forming around the base. Dario stands on the bed to feed his lover, who takes the thick, uncut dick deep. Dario whispers “Fuck yeah!” as Colby tongues his shaft and balls, the sucker’s rock-hard cock leaking precum. Colby fucks Dario from behind, the bottom’s hard cock bouncing and leaking a glistening stream. Dario bites down on his hand, gripping the sheets as he gets pounded. Dario turns on his side and then his back, his hole hair gripping Colby’s cock. Dario shoots his white-hot load, then gets drenched by a Colby gusher that coats his hairy body—the two kissing as cum clings to the bottom’s forearm.