Steamy Encounter Between Blue Collar Buds George Ce & Donnie Dean | Titan Men

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Scene Title: Stag: Scene 1: George Ce & Donnie Dean

Description: Blue collar buds George Ce and Donnie Dean connect with a kiss—their hairy chins scraping as they rub each other’s bods. Donnie licks George’s massive chest, working his way down to the huge, thick cock. Donnie opens wide, working the uncut missile up. George puts his man hands on the back of Donnie’s head, fucking his face as Donnie’s boner pops out of his jeans. George bends over for a kiss, reaching down to slap and finger the jock’s ass. George deep throats Donnie’s big cock, an overhead shot capturing both of their boners in one frame. Donnie bends over the workbench, reaching down to stroke George—who has his tongue buried in the stud’s hole. George pounds Donnie, low shots capturing the deep penetration. “Stretch that ass!” moans Donnie, his ass hairs clinging to George’s shaft. Donnie sits on George’s cock, the bottom’s red-hot boner bouncing up and down and in circles as he rides. Donnie gets on his back, George plowing balls deep before the two come—their cocks grazing each other as they kiss.