Sexy rendezvous with Titan Men Jesse Jackman and DJ Casey Williams

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Scene Title: Strobe: Scene 3: Jesse Jackman & Casey Williams

Description: Bartender Jesse Jackman sets his gaze on DJ Casey Williams, another shaved-headed muscle man. The two rendezvous outside of Casey’s booth, the music blaring as he takes a break. Jesse smiles up at the smoothie, whose muscle bod towers over him on a podium. Jesse sucks his bud, his 5 o’clock shadow grazing the base of Casey’s stiff rod. Jesse rubs Casey’s chest, licking up his own spit as it drips from Casey’s cock. Jesse slurps Casey’s balls, a low shot looking up at the amazing bod. Jesse then munches Casey’s ass, the DJ letting out a pleasure-filled laugh as Jessy’s cock enters him. Casey’s jock ass ripples as he gets rammed, the bottom moaning before getting a kiss. Jesse then gets on his back, his massive hairy bod filling up the frame as he gets fucked. Casey’s abs tighten as he plows, Jesse’s eyes rolling up and opening wide as he gets it balls deep. Casey jacks the bottom off, then dumps his load on the smiling Jesse.