Luke Adams Succumbs to Dirk Caber’s Seductive Charm in Mind-Blowing TitanMen Encounter

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Scene Title: OUT!: Catcher Luke Adams comes out to Coach Dirk Caber

Description: A.J’s coming out interview also shocks minor league player Luke Adams, who sees it in his hotel room–and quickly comes out to coach Dirk Caber. Takes one to know one Dirk says to the surprised jock, who soon has the muscle man’s cock in his mouth. Dirk can’t wait to return the favor, licking and rubbing the smooth stud’s bod and feasting on his shaft and sac: Godyou taste good!” he smiles. Luke’s steel shaft slams against his own groin when released from Dirk’s mouththen stays stiff as he gets plowed (“Fuck yeahcoach!”). He shootsthen sucks his own cum off the top’s finger. Dirk unloadslicks his own wad off the bottom’s bod–then goes in for a kiss.”

Actors: A.J , Dirk Caber , Luke Adams