Titan Men Blowjob Francois Sagat

Hey there everyone, as usual titanmen is returning with more all new and all fresh updates for you. This week’s special guest is the sexy and hot stud named Francois Sagat. He and this new guy here get to have some outdoor fun as well and just like in some past scenes it proves to be a simply amazing view. Francois and his buddy here ended their little field trip by doing the naughty and we bet that you will adore seeing it in all it’s glory too. Mainly because Francois packs one thick and hard cock that his friend with benefits here finds just irresistible. Let’s see the two hot and sexy titan men as they do some hard style sexing today shall we?

As we said, it all began with a walk in the park. It was a nice and sunny day out so this was pretty perfect for both of them to enjoy the nice air. They actually wanted to get down and dirty long before they went out, but they settled to get to bang in the park as they finished their walk as it would be just perfect. So of course, they do their little refreshing walk around the place and when they do decide to get down and dirty they find a nice and private little spot where they can fuck in private. So watch as Francois gets his thick cocks sucked for this one and do be on the lookout for next week’s fresh update. We’ll be seeing you then everyone. Bye bye!

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