Engage in Tactile Outdoor Maneuvers with Titan Men’s Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, and More!

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Scene Title: Folsom Maneuvers

Description: Are you man enough for the mission? Your assignment… to engage in some tactile outdoor maneuvers in Folsom Maneuvers, the latest from TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films. The motto is go hard or go home” for eight officers — led by TitanMen exclusives Tony BuffDean FlynnJR Matthews and Will Parker — who load their gunstake aim and let the bullets fly in some combustible cock combat. Folsom Maneuvers is calling… do you have what it takes? Taking a break from his outdoor dutiestattooed grunt Adam Knox starts to stroke his weapon — and gets more than he bargained for when voyeur Tony Buff takes command. While out for a run Dean Flynn and JR Matthews continue to sweat after a rest becomes raunchy as JR turns into a dirty dog on all fours. After leaving his post to take a pissguard Will Parker gets more than a mouthful of piss and cock from angry superior Gio Forte. Tyler Saint gets distracted by Ryan Russell’s cargo of illicit dildosturning their routine task into a scorching secret assignment that ends in a steaming golden shower. FinallyDean Flynn has some unfinished business with JR Matthewstying him to a tree for more disciplinary measures.”