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TitanMen – Jessy Ares and Spencer Reed

Another fresh week and time for a brand new and hot titanmen scene to be shown off  to you without delay. The guys getting around to have some fun for you are Jessy Ares and Spencer Reed. You get to see them taking their time to fuck outdoors as well today as they got around to do a little bit of roaming around with their truck. They were mostly sight seeing but it seems that the two got a tad too horny and so, they decided to take their time to stop for a bit and relax outside with a nice and hard style gay fuck session as well this afternoon. So let’s get the show going and see the guys in action for this amazing scene.

As the car stops Jessy and Spencer get out of the car, and Jessy gets to undress completely, save for his boots. And as Spencer rests against the back of the truck, Jessy whips out his nice and big cock and starts to work it with his juicy lips. Just watch him work magic on it to get it rock hard and then see him as he gets to bend over and take a doggie style fuck for starters. After that, he got on top of Spence as well and last but not least, you get to see his ass fucked missionary style too. Take the time to enjoy the scene and see the guys fucking all over the place and we’ll be back soon with more new and fresh titan men galleries for you to enjoy!

TitanMen Jessy Ares & Spencer Reed

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Outdoor Titan Pounding

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to more superb and fresh titanmen scenes as always. Once again we have another eager trio ready to show off to you and you can bet that you will be in for some more simply exquisite scenes with some hot studs banging one another nice and hard in the ass. And we know you liked seeing dudes getting around to fuck outdoors and so this scene also takes place in that same setting. All be it more exotic as the guys were doing their fucking at a private resort this afternoon. So let’s get around to watch them in action without delay and see them fucking nice and hard all day long today!

TitanMen Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey & Jessie Colter

These three titan men always like to fuck in this way and at first, you get to see them making their entry wearing just their jeans and boots. And rest assured that the pants come off quick as the guys get to show off those nice and big hard cocks to the cameras and you guys too. Watch them as they then take the time to suck each other off and make sure that the cocks were rock hard for the next part too. And then watch as one of them gets to be on the receiving end with the other two getting to fuck his ass and mouth thoroughly for this nice scene. We hope that you liked it and more will be available for you to watch and enjoy next wee as well!

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TitanMen George Ce and Trenton Ducati

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means, we get to see another new and fresh titanmen scene with more hot studs and we know you will simply love this one. In it you get to watch George Ce and Trenton Ducati as they get to have their turn to show off a nice and hard style fuck scene too and you can see it only here. Do check out our previous scenes too and you can see more hot studs having steamy gay fucks for your viewing pleasure as well. Well let’s get to our own guys for this one and see them in action for now. You get to see them play with one another’s fine bodies today and it’s quite the sight.

As the scene starts off, you get to see our two muscled jocks as they were working out their superb bodies at the private little gym that they have. They like to work out there as they tend to get turned on by seeing one another do their workouts and well, let’s just say that it always ends with a nice and hard style fuck. So sit back and watch as George gets to offer up his ass for Trenton today and see him getting his tight ass fucked. And rest assured that mr Ducati was more than happy to use his huge cock to fuck him nice and hard and have him moan in pleasure at the anal pleasing that he delivers to him today as well. So enjoy it!

TitanMen George Ce & Trenton Ducati

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Hot Titan Hunk Francois

Titanmen is back with some more new and fresh updates as always. And you know we bring you the best of the best scenes with the hottest muscled studs that get to have sexual fun in front of the cameras and you guys as well. In this new scene we have a hunk that you you got to see around here before and he’s none other than Francois, as you know him. You can check out his past scene here as well so make sure you do that as well. Anyway, this week, Francois gets to play with a new stud in his back yard by the pool and you get to enjoy one simply superb and amazing scene with the guy and his next door buddy in a hot gay fuck.

TitanMen Francois Sagat

Francois kind of had his eyes set on this guy’s mighty fine and sexy ass for a while now and he was very much down with the idea of getting his cock nice and deep in it too. Well today he had such and occasion and long story short, he learned that this guy loves to fuck studs as well. Watch them go for a nice and wild fuck session this afternoon and see this guy bending for Francois to have easy access to his ass. Watch him moan in pleasure, while Francois gets to pound that ass balls deep today and see him shooting his load all over that sexy round butt at the end as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with more scenes!

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TitanMen – Dust Devils

Well we’re back this week with some more new titanmen for you to see playing around. For this scene we get to visit the great outdoors once more and they sure had the time of their lives with it as well. Well let’s get to see the studs getting their sexy on and getting to have some fun at the grand canyon this week. They wanted to go on a little field trip and this was bound to involve them getting naughty and kinky as well without fail at the spot too. And it did. So let’s get around to see just how the studs ended up spending their time at the place for this week’s new and hot scene shall we everyone? we know that you are eager to see more titan men too.

You can see they did take their time to do the sight seeing. But eventually they did get horny and eager enough to get around to be all naughty and kinky as well. So let’s take our time to watch them go to a more private spot where they won’t be bothered and once there, you can see this guy taking the jeans off of his buddy and starting to enjoy that cock. Watch him using his eager lips and tongue to make it rock hard and then see him sucking on it until the guy shoots a nice and big jizz load all over his face at the end of this marvelous scene. Let’s hope that we’ll get to see them around here some more in the future with nice and kinky scenes too!

TitanMen Dust Devils

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David, Ethan and Scotch

Another fresh week and time to get to see some more kinky titanmen gay action with some more superb studs this fine afternoon. Again we bring you a trio of them to party hard in front of the cameras with some nice and hard style fucking and of course, you get to have front row seats to the whole show this afternoon. The studs in question are David, Ethan and Scotch and all of them got to spend some quality time this afternoon. They were taking the time to paint a room in a new color, but as you will see, our would be hard working guys, eventually set their mind on another thing and forgot all together about the job that they were suppose to be doing today!

TitanMen David Anthony, Ethan Hunter & Scotch Inkom

As the cameras started to roll you can see the guys starting to get naughty. They started to play with one another and the paints, but that soon turned to more when they started to fool around and undressed. Scotch was quite horny and he seemed to be fine with the idea of getting his nice and tight ass fucked nice and deep by the other two and so that’s what he did. Take your time to see him spreading his legs and then watch him stroking his cock as David and Ethan took turns to stretch out his ass with their nice and big cocks today. It’s one scene not to miss, so have fun with it and do come back next week as always for more new scenes as well!

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TitanMen – Dario and Conner

This week’s titanmen update sure is one superb one. We get to see two hairy hunks as they get to do some kinky fucking for the afternoon and of course, you get to enjoy it all without delay. The names of these two new hot studs are Dario and Conner and they sure like to do it hard too. Let’s get to take our time to watch their scene as you get to watch some nice and hot gay fuck sessions with them that you are bound to remember for a nice and long while too. So let’s get those cameras rolling without anymore delays and let’s get the show on the road and watch their simply amazing and hard style fuck scene this afternoon!

Dario and Conner are two sexy titan men like we said, and you get front row seats to their show too. Take your time to watch them getting into a nice gay fuck in their back yard as it was a nice day and since they were free all day long today they could spend it doing all the hard style fucking that they wanted to as well. Dario gets to be on the receiving end today and after getting his cock hard by Conner’s lips, you get to watch him laying on his back with his legs spread and taking his fuck buddy’s meat shaft balls deep in his ass. Of course he enjoyed it, and he enjoyed it so much in fact that he came as well from the anal sex and shot a load all over himself too!

TitanMen Dario and Conner

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Colton Steele and Del Cobb

Today’s titanmen scene is another simply amazing one and you just have to see this one everyone. In this scene we get to see Colton Steele in the role of a ranger officer and Del Cobb as a naughty little stud being…well naughty, in the woods, and it seems that this guy caught him red handed. He was enjoying a nice and long solo self pleasing session all by himself, but that changed when this guy caught him in the act today. Also do check out the past scenes as well if you want to check out some more hot and sexy studs engaging in some kinky gay scenes too, especially Alex, Don and Francois in their respective scene too!

TitanMen Colton Steele & Del Cobb

Anyway, coming back to this new titan men scene here, you can see that the officer started to question him. Well Del learned that he could get off the hook in exchange for a little favor for the cock hungry officer. He’d have to give up his cock for him this afternoon and there would be no other strings attached. Of course, Del couldn’t be happier to have another hot stud sucking his meat pole and help him out with the self pleasing, and so he let officer Colton do his thing. Watch Colton sucking and deep throating that cock of his and see him taking his full load in his mouth and on his face as well this afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it everyone and we’ll see you soon with more!

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Titan Jocks – Christopher and Johnny

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to an all new and hot titanmen update as well for this week. We know you enjoy seeing some very hot and horny studs getting to play with one another in every scene and so we bring you another sexy couple that will impress you with their gallery of images too. Their names are Christopher and Johnny and the two muscled hunks sure know how to put passion as their main focus in their nice fuck scene. Let’s take the time to watch them together this fine day as they get to have some fun with each other in the living room and they do engage in quite the amazing and hot gay fuck scene for this afternoon.

The scene starts off with the two titan men getting straight to business. Like others here, you can see them start off their nice scene with some nice and passionate kissing and they sure make it look amazing too. When they got fully naked, Chris gets to sit back and enjoy his buddy working his magic on that cock of his today. Watch Chris moaning in pleasure as Johnny gets to do some nice and passionate sucking of his fine and hard cock today. Just look at those juicy lips sucking and slurping on the cock and enjoy the view. Of course, you get to see them doing much more in this scene, but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves. See you next week everyone!

TitanMen Christopher Daniels & Johnny

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TitanMen – Charly Diaz and David Dirdam

Hey there guys, titanmen is back with more scenes to show off and of course you get to enjoy first dibs on this amazing scene too. In this one we bring you the duo formed by Charly Diaz and his fuck buddy named David Drdam as they get to spend some quality time with one another for the afternoon and rest assured that things got really interesting too. Anyway, let’s get started and see the two studs engaging in some kinky activities today as they get to party hard style in the garage. And yes you do get to see them get fully nude as well as they were about to engage in quite the nice fuck session. So let’s get started without further due.

TitanMen Charly Diaz & David Dirdam

The two ripped studs were really really horny and eager to play and as the scene starts off, you get to see them starting things off with a nice and passionate kissing session. After that, Charly gets on his knees and whips out David’s nice and big hard meat pole to start working it with his lips. And you just have to see this stud sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion today. Watch and enjoy as he does such an amazing job that he has David moaning in pleasure, and at the end of it all you get to see his face covered by a nice and big jizz load too. Take your time to enjoy it and we will be seeing you once more next week with a new scene as well!

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